Benefits of Short Term Office Rentals

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Short term office rental is a booming for many small businesses. It provides flexibility, cost savings, and reduced risk, all of which are often missing from long-term leases. The Park at Willowglen in Calgary offers unbeatable short term office rentals. Come take a tour today and view our offices. We will make sure to find […]

Why You Should Rent an Office Space

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Renting an office space is a great way to work efficiently and provide visitors with a convenient location for meetings, workshops, or presentations. You get access to a professional space and workspace that you can use whenever you need it; renting an office provides cost-effective access for visitors who might not be able to afford […]

Office Rental Expectations

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You should have some office rental expectations as a business owner. We understand that each business is different, and each has different requirement. There are, however, some universal expectations that everyone should have. Office Rental Expectations Cost Cost is probably the number one thing that you, as a business owner, looks at. At Willowglen we […]

Professional Office Spaces in Calgary

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There are so many benefits to a professional office space. It will enhance your business image, increase your productivity, and it costs less than you think. Take a look at our points below if you aren’t convinced you need an office space from Willowglen. Professional Office Space Benefits Break Away From Home We understand that […]

Office Rentals For Your Business in Calgary

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Let’s talk office rentals Calgary! If you are a business owner in Calgary, you know the importance of a great office space. Willowglen has every amenity you and your employees will ever need. From daycare to a state-of-the-art gym, you can go wrong choosing us! The Best Office Rentals Calgary Amazing Amenities We challenge you […]

Start Co-working at Willowglen

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Co-working has been the next big thing since WeWork came onto the scene. Where WeWork has failed, Willowglen is thriving. We offer great co-working rates and beautiful office spaces. You are always welcome to take a tour and view our facilities in person before you decide. Co-working has plenty of benefits to the both the […]

Short or Long: Which Office Rental Best Fits Your Business?

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When determining if short term or long term office rental is best for your business, there are several key factors to consider: flexibility and cost. The ideal office space for your company will align with both your short and long term business goals. Evaluating your current and future business needs is crucial when deciding between […]

Benefits of a Co-Working Office Space

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Join us at Willowglen today with a co-working office space. We have short term and long term leases available. Let’s introduce you to why a co-working office will provide you and your team with many benefits. Co-Working Office Benefits in Calgary Cost Savings Coworking spaces provide significant cost savings compared to traditional office rentals. By […]

Temporary Office Space in Calgary

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Temporary office space is an ideal solution for businesses that need a short-term workspace for a variety of reasons. Whether you’re a start-up, experiencing rapid growth, or simply need a temporary space for a special project or event, temporary office spaces are a cost-effective and flexible option. The Park at Willowglen in Calgary, offers a […]

What is a Co-Working Office Space?

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In recent years, co-working office spaces have gained immense popularity, becoming a new trend in the business world. But what exactly is a co-working office space? How does it differ from a traditional office? In this blog post, we will delve into the concept of shared office spaces and explore the benefits they offer. At […]