Let’s talk office rentals Calgary! If you are a business owner in Calgary, you know the importance of a great office space. Willowglen has every amenity you and your employees will ever need. From daycare to a state-of-the-art gym, you can go wrong choosing us!

The Best Office Rentals Calgary

Amazing Amenities

We challenge you to find an office space in Calgary with better amenities than Willowglen. It’s a known fact that a better office space improve employee morale, and thus improving performance. When your employees don’t have to worry about where their kids are or a long drive to a fitness class, they will be more productive.

Great Location

Our office spaces are located just 5 minutes from downtown Calgary. We offer a massive green space for relaxation, and it’s a great place in the summer to have lunch outside. People often ask about parking, and we have 1,121 parking stalls for you! Lots of bus routes are available as well, if transit is more your style. A frequent shuttle operates between the park and the light rail transit (LRT) station.

Stunning Office Spaces

All our office spaces are designed with you in mind. From the furniture to the paint, we make sure that everything is perfect. Take a tour with us today, and we will show you what you are missing out on! Our rates are among the best in the city.

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