Short term office rental is a booming for many small businesses. It provides flexibility, cost savings, and reduced risk, all of which are often missing from long-term leases. The Park at Willowglen in Calgary offers unbeatable short term office rentals. Come take a tour today and view our offices. We will make sure to find the perfect unit for your business.

Benefits of Short Term Office Rentals


Flexibility is one of the biggest benefits of short term office rentals. You don’t have to commit to a long-term lease or spend money on an office space that you may not need in 6 months. If your business is growing, then you can scale up and rent an additional space. If it’s slowing down, there’s no need for you to pay for unused space. That money could be used more efficiently elsewhere in your company.

The flexibility also extends beyond just renting additional rooms when needed; it also gives businesses freedom when deciding where they want their headquarters located–or if they even need one at all! Some businesses prefer having multiple offices around town so they can easily meet with clients face-to-face, while others prefer having everything under one roof so they can keep track of everything without having too many different locations floating around at once (like myself).

Cost Savings

The first benefit of short term office rentals is cost savings. When you rent an office space, you don’t have to buy the building and pay for a long lease. This can save you thousands of dollars every year in costs like property taxes and maintenance fees. If you’re able to share the space with other companies who are also looking for temporary offices, then your savings will be even greater!

Less Risky Than Buying

When you rent a short term office, you’re not committing to a long term lease. This means that if your business changes or grows in the future, there’s no need to worry about overpaying for space that isn’t used regularly. If your company decides it needs less space than they originally signed up for, they can simply move out of the building and look elsewhere.

In addition to this flexibility, there are other advantages of renting:

  • You don’t have any risk associated with buying property because it isn’t yours! Instead of worrying about whether the market will go up or down, focus on making sure your business has enough money coming in each month so that its employees can pay their bills on time (and avoid getting sued).

Reduced Lease Commitment

One of the biggest benefits of short-term office rentals is that you can get out of a lease if you need to. If your business has grown and requires more space, or if it’s shrinking and no longer needs as much, then it makes sense to sublet or move on.

In addition, renting an office space for just a few months can be far cheaper than signing up for a full year’s worth of rent. Because most leases require tenants not only pay monthly installments but also cover maintenance costs like repairs and utilities, this means that you’ll save even more money by going with a shorter lease commitment period. You could also consider renting an entire floor in an office building if only part of it will be used at any given time; this way there’d still be plenty left over when moving out isn’t necessary anymore (or if there’s just not enough space).

Serving New Markets

Short term office rentals allow you to serve new markets. If you’re looking to expand your business and reach new customers, renting an office space can be much more cost-effective. Rather than buying one. In addition to being cheaper, it also gives you the flexibility of using the space for multiple purposes throughout its lifespan–you won’t have any difficulty finding other uses for that extra room if needed!

Short term projects can be accommodated by short term rental offices as well because of their flexible nature. The ability to adjust according to need makes them ideal for companies who want some extra space for a project or event but don’t want any long-term commitments on their end either, the best part about this option is how easy it is! You just need enough time before signing off on anything permanent, so there aren’t any surprises down the line when trying out these services first hand.

Short term office rentals are a good option for many businesses

Short-term office rentals are a good option for many businesses. The flexibility and cost savings can be worth the risk of moving in and out of an office space.

Short-term leases give you more options than buying or leasing long-term. Those can be risky if your business doesn’t work out as planned. You also get to avoid signing on for years of commitment, which might not be necessary. If you’re trying out new markets or experimenting with different types of spaces before committing to one location permanently.

Short term office rentals are a good option for many businesses. They offer flexibility, cost savings and less risk than buying or leasing long-term. Short term office rentals can also help you serve new markets by providing space for short-term expansion or seasonal needs.