Every company or business has its starting story. Some are more unique than others. But all these companies we are going to show you all have one thing in common. They all started in a garage. Some of these may just surprise you. With Willowglen, you don’t need a garage, just a gorgeous office space at unbeatable rates.

Companies Started In A Garage

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1. Apple

Yup, if you haven’t seen the movie “Jobs” then you probably don’t know that the massive computer giant, Apple, was started in a garage. This garage was located in Cupertino, CA, in the house that belonged to Steve Job’s parents. The famous partner of Jobs, Steve Wozniak, was crucial to the creation of Apple.

2. Mattel

If you haven’t played with a Mattel toy, we don’t believe you. Mattel’s first Barbie was the hit of the century and still continues to be today. First started in a garage by Harold Matson, Ruth and Elliot Handler, they began to make and design dollhouses. Barbie is actually named after Ruth’s daughter, Barbara.

3. Disney

Oh, boy, who hasn’t heard of Disneyland or Walt Disney. Well, this giant company was started in 1923 inside a one-car garage. This space would become the first workplace for Disney animators. Disney has now become the largest grossing media company on the planet.

4. Barnes & Noble

The president of a successful Wall Street investment firm left his job in 1995 to set up, in his garage, a company that would sell books online. He would then go on to create the giant company that we all know as Amazon.

5. Yankee Candle Company

16-year-old Micheal Kittrege would make a scented candle for his mother inside their garage. Soon, his neighbours all requested their own candles, as the quality was unmatched. When the demand could no longer be made in garaged, he moved to an old mill. The Yankee Candle Company is now the largest seller of candles in America.

If this doesn’t inspire you to get a move on with your dreams, we don’t know what will. We recommend not using a garage, but one of our office spaces!