Co-working has been the next big thing since WeWork came onto the scene. Where WeWork has failed, Willowglen is thriving. We offer great co-working rates and beautiful office spaces. You are always welcome to take a tour and view our facilities in person before you decide. Co-working has plenty of benefits to the both the employer and employee.

Co-working at Willowglen in Calgary

Do Business Different

Soon the days of traditional cubicle office spaces will be gone, the world is already slowly moving in that direction. Time for you or your company to move into a new way to doing business. That would be co-working spaces. With numerous benefits such as cost, freedom and employee morale, we think it’s the way to go.

Improve Productivity

It’s a known fact that co-working provides a better environment to be productive. It helps with team building, integration and give some freedom back to your employees. When you put your employees inside a better environment, they will pay you back with a better quality of work.

Co-working at Willowglen is Different

Our campus at Willowglen is different from the majority of other space that you will see. We have a 20 acre campus with more amenities than you will ever need, but are there! Only 5 minutes from downtown, we also the most accessible co-working space you can find in Calgary. With over 1200 parking stalls, you won’t ever been looking for parking, unlike some downtown locations.

Get started with The Park at Willowglen today. Fill out our online form, or give us a call! We will be happy to find the perfect co-working situation for you as an independent contractor, or as a business owner looking for a new space.