There are so many benefits to a professional office space. It will enhance your business image, increase your productivity, and it costs less than you think. Take a look at our points below if you aren’t convinced you need an office space from Willowglen.

Professional Office Space Benefits

Break Away From Home

We understand that some companies are moving away from the office to a work from home situation. However, even though your employees may not admit it, there is a mental benefit to working in an office. They are better able to compartmentalize work. Keeping the home, a place for relaxation and enjoyment is important. Sometimes when working from home, work and relaxation become blurred.

On-Site Amenities

Part of working at Willowglen is the vast access to our amenities. We offer things that nobody else can, like on-site daycare! We also take away the need for your employees to pay for a gym membership with our state-of-the art fitness centre. This makes working at Willowglen just that little bit sweeter.

Networking Opportunities

If you are a small or solo business, you know the importance of networking. You can create leads or immerse yourself in knowledge that you would not have found elsewhere. Our short term rentals are perfect for those types of businesses.

Maintenance Included

Nothing is worse than having to clean your office every day after work. At Willowglen we take care of that for you. Expect to come back to clean work space each and every day that you are with us.

Ready to start your journey to productivity with us? Book a tour today and see all that we have to offer!