Join us at Willowglen today with a co-working office space. We have short term and long term leases available. Let’s introduce you to why a co-working office will provide you and your team with many benefits.

Co-Working Office Benefits in Calgary

Cost Savings

Coworking spaces provide significant cost savings compared to traditional office rentals. By sharing an office with other businesses and independent professionals, you benefit from lower rent and overhead costs.

Most coworking spaces offer all-inclusive membership fees that bundle amenities like utilities, internet, printing, conference rooms, and office equipment. This allows you to avoid many hidden costs associated with leasing your own office.

Coworking spaces also provide flexibility through month-to-month memberships instead of locking you into a long-term lease. You can scale up or down each month based on your needs. This adaptability enables you to increase your team and workspace during growth periods or downsize during slower times.

The cost savings of a coworking space provide startups and small businesses the budget flexibility to ramp up operations and reinvest savings into other areas of the company. The lower financial risk makes it an attractive option for bootstrapping a new venture or business expansion.

Networking Opportunities

A co-working space provides valuable networking opportunities that can benefit your career and business. By working alongside professionals from diverse industries and roles, you can organically connect with people you may not normally interact with. Conversations in common areas often lead to exchanging ideas, potential collaborations, and new relationships.

Attending events at co-working spaces allows you to quickly build a strong network. Mixers, speakers, workshops, and social gatherings held in these spaces connect you with fellow members. The casual atmosphere and shared mindset facilitate networking. You’re able to form authentic relationships that go beyond superficial business card exchanges.

Joining a co-working space expands your professional network with little effort. Surrounding yourself with professionals outside your own industry provides perspective and opens doors. The connections made can lead to surprising opportunities, such as finding potential partners and clients, job prospects, and subject-matter experts to enrich your business. The network you gain through a co-working space can benefit your career in unexpected ways for years to come.


One of the major benefits of a co-working space is increased productivity. By working alongside other professionals, co-working helps minimize distractions and provides a built-in support network.

Work-Life Balance

Co-working spaces promote a healthy work-life balance in several ways:

Flexible Schedules and Locations: Co-working spaces allow you to work whenever and wherever you want. There are no set work hours. You can work early mornings, late nights, weekends – whatever fits your schedule. You also have access to the co-working space at different locations, so you can work closer to home some days to avoid a long commute.

On-Site Amenities and Events: Many co-working spaces offer fun on-site amenities like gyms, cafés and even an on-site daycare. They also host social events like yoga classes, cooking classes, and happy hours. This helps prevent burnout and boredom.

Less Stressful Solo-Work: Working from home alone can be isolating and stressful. Co-working spaces provide human interaction and a collaborative atmosphere that is energizing. You have others around you working hard, which helps motivate you, too. But you aren’t in each other’s way, like a crowded office. It’s the ideal work environment for independent workers.

By providing flexibility, amenities, and community, co-working spaces allow you to work hard when it’s time to work, and relax and recharge when it’s time for life. This balance increases overall happiness and prevents burnout.